Auction User Guide

User Guide: Bidding in Auctions on The Diamond Republic

Welcome to The Diamond Republic! We are excited to introduce you to our dynamic auction platform, where you can bid on our exceptional diamond products. This guide provides a step-by-step explanation of how to participate in our auctions, including important terms, how to place bids, and tips to maximize your chances of winning.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Auctions
  2. How to Find Auctions
  3. Understanding Auction Terms
  4. How to Place a Bid
  5. Tracking Your Bids
  6. Notifications and Alerts
  7. Winning the Auction
  8. Common Questions and Support
  9. Important Tips and Reminders


  1. Introduction to Auctions

At The Diamond Republic, we offer you an engaging way to acquire exquisite diamond products through our auction platform. Here’s what makes our auctions unique:

  • Exciting Opportunities: Gain access to premium diamonds at competitive prices.
  • Automatic Bidding: Use our proxy bidding system to set your maximum bid and let the system bid for you.
  • Exclusive Items: Many auction items are unique and available only through our platform.

Our goal is to make your auction experience enjoyable and rewarding. Let’s get started!

  1. How to Find Auctions

Finding and browsing auctions on The Diamond Republic is simple. Here’s how you can do it:

Using the Top Menu Auction Link

  1. Visit Our Website: Go to The Diamond Republic.
  2. Navigate to Auctions: Click on the “Auctions” link located in the top menu bar.
  3. Browse Auctions: You will be directed to a page listing all active auctions. Browse through the available items to find something that interests you.
  4. Understanding Auction Terms

Familiarize yourself with these key terms to understand the auction process better:

Base Price

  • Definition: The starting price of the auction. Bids must be at or above this amount.
  • Example: If the base price is $500, the first bid must be $500 or higher.

Reserve Price

  • Definition: The minimum price the seller will accept for the item. This price is not disclosed to bidders.
  • Indicator: If a bid meets or exceeds the reserve price, the auction listing will show a message indicating that the reserve price has been met.
  • Example: If the reserve price is $700, the item will not be sold for less than this amount. The auction listing will update when this threshold is reached.

Bid Increment

  • Definition: The minimum amount by which a new bid must exceed the current highest bid.
  • Example: If the current highest bid is $600, and the bid increment is $1, the next bid must be at least $601.
  1. How to Place a Bid

Placing a bid on The Diamond Republic is straightforward. Follow these steps to participate in an auction:

Step 1: Log Into Your Account

  1. Account Setup: Contact us to set up an account. You can reach us at or call 02 8732 9690.
  2. Login Details: Once your account is created, you will receive your login credentials. Use these to log in to the site.

Step 2: Find Your Auction

  1. Navigate to Auctions: Click on “Auctions” in the top menu or use the search bar to find the item you want to bid on.
  2. Select an Auction: Click on the auction listing to view details about the item, current bids, and the auction end time.

Step 3: Place Your Bid

  1. Enter Your Bid Amount: The amount must be at least $1 higher than the current highest bid.
  2. Proxy Bidding: Enter the maximum amount you’re willing to pay. Our system will automatically bid on your behalf up to this maximum, keeping you in the lead without constant monitoring.
  3. Confirm Your Bid: Click “Place Bid.” You will see a confirmation message indicating that your bid has been successfully placed.


  • Current Bid: $600
  • Your Bid: $605 (minimum increment of $1)

Important: Bids are binding. Once placed, they cannot be retracted.

  1. Tracking Your Bids

Keeping track of your bids is crucial to stay competitive. Here’s how you can do it:

My Bids Section

  1. Access My Bids: After logging in, navigate to the “My Bids” section from your account dashboard.
  2. View Active Bids: Here you will see a list of all your active bids, including the current highest bids and the status of each auction.

Auction Page Updates

  1. Visit Auction Page: Go back to the specific auction page to see real-time updates on bid amounts.
  2. Place Additional Bids: If you’re outbid, you can place a higher bid to regain the lead.

Tip: Monitor your email and notifications for updates on your bids and the auction status.

  1. Notifications and Alerts

We provide timely notifications to keep you informed throughout the auction process:

Bid Confirmation

  • Email Notification: You’ll receive an email confirming your bid amount and status.

Outbid Alert

  • Immediate Alert: If someone outbids you, we’ll notify you immediately via email so you can place a new bid if desired.

Auction Ending Soon

  • Reminder: As the auction nears its end, you’ll receive a reminder email giving you a final chance to place a bid.

Winning Notification

  • Congratulations: If you win, you’ll receive a notification with instructions on how to complete your purchase.

Ensure your contact details are up to date to receive these important notifications!

  1. Winning the Auction

Winning an auction is an exciting moment! Here’s what happens next:

Winning Notification

  1. Receive Notification: You’ll get an email informing you that you’ve won the auction.
  2. View Instructions: The email will include detailed instructions on the next steps.

Payment and Invoice

  1. Invoice Details: You will receive an invoice with the final amount due, including any applicable taxes and shipping fees.
  2. Secure Payment: Follow the payment instructions to complete the transaction securely within the specified timeframe.

Order Confirmation

  1. Payment Confirmation: Once your payment is confirmed, you’ll receive an order confirmation email.
  2. Delivery Information: The email will include details on when and how you will receive your diamond product.

Important: Ensure that you complete the payment promptly to finalize your purchase.

  1. Common Questions and Support

Q1: What if I’m outbid?

  • A: You’ll receive an outbid notification. To stay in the auction, you can place a higher bid.

Q2: Can I retract my bid?

  • A: No, bids cannot be retracted once placed. Please bid responsibly and within your budget.

Q3: How do I know if the reserve price is met?

  • A: If a bid meets or exceeds the reserve price, a message will appear on the auction listing indicating that the reserve price has been met.

Q4: How can I resolve login issues?

  • A: Contact our support team at or call 02 8732 9690 for assistance.

Q5: Are there additional fees?

  • A: Taxes and shipping fees may apply. These will be detailed in your invoice if you win an auction.
  1. Important Tips and Reminders

Act Quickly

  • Time-Sensitive: Auctions are time-bound. Place your bids early to avoid missing out.

Set a Budget

  • Bid Wisely: Decide on your maximum bid in advance to avoid overspending.

Monitor Notifications

  • Stay Updated: Regularly check your email and account for updates on bid status and auction outcomes.

Seek Assistance

  • Contact Support: If you have any issues or questions, reach out to our support team for prompt assistance.

Contact Us:

  • Phone: 02 8732 9690
  • Email:
  • Contact Page: Contact Us

We hope this guide helps you enjoy a seamless and exciting auction experience at The Diamond Republic. Happy bidding and good luck!

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