What are the trading terms of The Diamond Republic?

Recognising the importance of cashflow to you, our payment terms are 30 days End of Month.

How quickly can we get credit approval and start buying stock?

Diamond Republic offers $20,000 same day  credit approval ( conditions apply ) to new merchants. We have the ability if you wish later to increase your credit limit to meet your trading needs with us.

Does Diamond Republic bill through any buying groups?

Many of our customers are not affiliated with any Buying Groups, and many Buying Group members source stock from suppliers outside of their Buying Group. We understand that some Buying Groups apply significant margins to suppliers’ stock. To keep our costs down and ensure you receive the best possible price, there are no plans to bill through any Buying Groups.

Does the jewellery come with a warranty?

Yes. We always apply a minimum 12-month manufacturer’s warranty (Conditions Apply).

If I participate in the Diamond Republic catalogue program, will I have an exclusion zone to prevent other merchants competing with me?

Yes.  The distance of the exclusion zone does vary depending upon your location (city vs regional).  We traditionally offer between 1 and 50 km radius exclusion zones. There are requirements you have to meet in terms of your participation in our catalogue programs which we would be happy to explain on enquiry.

What is the catalogue program and how do I partake in it?

We have 4 catalogue programs a year supporting the retail calendar of our merchants.  You will be awarded an exclusion zone when you sign up for the program. This will prevent other merchants taking up the same offer within your proximity, but at the same time requires you to be outside of the exclusion zones of other stockists.  The catalogues are branded with your store name, targeting best-selling items at great value-for-money prices.  They are usually 16-20 pages. We offer Mother’s Day, Spring Catalogues, Diamond and Christmas catalogues.  Each campaign runs for approximately 6-8 weeks and can be extended to your choosing. They can be loaded onto your website via Retail Edge. We can organise or assist in printing and distribution in most cases. Catalogues are traditionally supported with marketing material such as tickets, Facebook/Instagram images and web banners.

What is the minimum buy-in for catalogues?

The minimum buy-in is 4000 printed catalogues for distribution. You can then decide what stock you would like to purchase to support the catalogue.  We can normally support you with next business day delivery on all items that are ordered before midday.

Are the Argyle Diamonds you sell certified?

Yes – Our high quality Argyles come with a certificate providing you with the Lot Number from which they have been cut from.  Argyle Diamonds under 8 points are only certified by lot number and are amongst our most sought after range offerings.

Do you have a Lab Grown Range and is it certified?

Yes. Our beautiful Lab-Grown selection is known as the Harmony range.  It is a high quality, exclusive range that are beautifully crafted and desirable end diamond products, specifically designed around sustainability. All of the gold we use in this process is proudly recycled to support this vision.  Every stone over 1CT has IGI certification. This is our fastest growing range and is proving more popular every year.

How do I view and purchase merchandise? 

You can view all of our merchandise on our primary website. As it is exclusively for merchants only, you have to complete your credit application and be approved before we can provide you with a log in for the site.  Once you are provided access, you will see our entire wholesale pricing and will be ready to start ordering.

Is there a minimum order value? 

No. Your order can be as small as you like or as large as your credit allows you.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

Credit and Debit cards are our preferred payment approaches at this stage. Please contact us for any further questions regarding this.

Is there a requirement to regularly order, say monthly? 

No. Your orders can be infrequent and as many or as few times per month. Accounts that have not been used for any purchase over any 3 months may be suspended.

Is there any requirements around account cancellations? 

No. You just need to advise us in writing as to your decision and settle any outstanding accounts as per their terms.

Can I request a store visit?

Of course – we are more than happy to come and visit you in store and show you the latest designs that we have to offer. We can also facilitate regular online meetings to advise you of our latest arrivals, trends and offers.

How soon will I receive an order?

Next business day – if the order has been placed prior to 12pm. On rare occasions this timeline may be longer due to unforeseen circumstances. Urgent orders can be fast tracked in most instances.

If is it a large order, we will hold Friday shipments until the following Monday – to ensure the best level of security possible.

Can you supply loose Diamonds?

We have access to the world’s greatest supply chain of loose diamonds.  Just let us know what you are looking for and we can provide you certificates within 24-48 hours for your perusal.

What suppliers do you use?

The Diamond Republic has sourced internationally renown suppliers who in many instances mine the gems themselves. Using a blend of local and international providers allows us to offer an extensive and exclusive range to our local merchants. Many of these international suppliers have not supplied to Australia for a long time and in some cases, never. You are gaining access to designs and merchandise your competition cannot legally match.

How long has The Diamond Republic been in the Industry?

The Diamond Republic has a long history within the Jewellery industry, under different exclusive business names. We are now proud to offer our range and experience to the entire Jewellery industry, using almost 40 years of experience to bring you these outstanding offers.

How do I find out more?

Contact us at The Diamond Republic directly on +61 2 8732 9690 or at: